Fresh Daily Menus

At Maui Kombucha, we serve love daily. Its our most abundant ingredient! Most of our reviews talk about our excellent and cheerful Boochtenders, but that’s not all. The people that work in our kitchens, our farmers that grow locally and organically, all put love into what they do.

When you dine with us, you can easily grab food or dessert to take home with you. Some of our desserts you won’t be able to tell that you aren’t eating cooked or baked, or filled with sugar. We pride ourselves on having some of the best snacks and pies around!

If you are really hungry, try one of our Beautiful Salads! These are ginormous salads with freshly made dressing, and so much yummy fresh local GMO free ingredients, did we mention that it is huge!

Lets not forget that we have more then just Kombucha, we also serve really great Chai Tea, and cold pressed coffees like our famous “Love Buzz”, so, make sure you stop by our Cafe in Haiku while you are on Maui!

What’s On Tap?


We have several flavors on tap daily. Please check the board or ask a boochtender to find out what’s on tap today!

  • 12 oz​ cup: $4.75
  • 16 oz​ cup: $5.50
  • 32 oz​ quart: $8.75
  • ​Gallon​:* $28.00

*Please ask us for our gallon flavor list. Gallon flavors are prepared upon request. Specialty gallons are an additional $7.

Having an event or party? Call in or drop by in advance to reserve a 5 gallon kombucha keg!

Coconut Water

Fresh local coconut water lightly carbonated and infused with lemon and lime juice.

  • 12 oz​ cup: $5.50
  • 16 oz​ cup: $6.75
  • 32 oz​ quart: $12.50

Glass​​ J​​ars

Buy a jar and it’s yours to keep! Jars are good for many booches to come.

Quart Jar: $3.00

About Kombucha

Kombucha is a refreshing and rejuvenating effervescent beverage with origins tracing back 2,000 years to the Tsin Dynasty of China. Made with a symbiotic culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast, called a scoby, kombucha is a fermented tea that is rich in probiotics, amino acids, enzymes, and B vitamins.

At Maui Kombucha, we craft our kombucha with high quality organic gourmet teas in small batches, always using purified water and organic cane sugar. Our kombucha is flavored with local and fresh organic ingredients whenever possible, creating our unique signature taste and delightful flavor profiles. Maui Kombucha is Hawaii’s first kombucha company, continuously brewing our effervescent elixirs on the slopes of Haleakala since 2005.

Cold Press Coffee

  • Love Buzz 9 oz:​ ​$4.25 house-made organic cold press locally sourced 12oz: ​$5.50 coffee + house-made Maui mac nut milk + coconut sugar 16oz: ​$6.50
  • Hot Love 12 oz: $5.75 cold press coffee + mac nut milk + coconut sugar + cinnamon + cayenne
  • Mayan Love 16 oz: $6.75 cold press coffee + mac nut milk + coconut sugar + cinnamon + cayenne + cacao
  • Lover’s Buzz 16 oz: $6.75 cold press coffee + mac nut milk + coconut sugar + dark cacao drizzle + cacao
  • J​​ust Blackness 7 oz: $4.75 black cold press coffee
  • Salted Caramel 16 oz: $6.75 cold press coffee + mac nut milk + coconut sugar + house-made vegan caramel + himalayan salt
  • Arabian 16 oz: $6.75 cold press coffee + mac nut milk + coconut sugar + cardamom + vanilla
  • Buzz Chill 16 oz: $6.75 cold press coffee + mac nut milk + coconut sugar + lucuma + banana + tocotrienols + blended smoothie style


  • J​​ungle Love $9.75 coconut + acai + banana + cacao + camu + macuma + una de gato + coca + coconut sugar
  • Baba Hempy Das $9.50 chai + hemp + dates + coconut + banana + tocotrienols
  • Happy Baby $9.50 coconut meat + banana + strawberry + mango + honey + vanilla
  • Green Velvet $8.75 apple +banana + pineapple + zucchini + gaia greens + spirulina
  • Ar​​j​​una’s Sword $15.00 banana + blueberries + almond butter + hemp seed + coconut meat + tocotrienols + solay protein powder + maca + spirulina + mucuna + dates + coconut sugar + vanilla
  • Sungold $9.75 mango + maui kombucha + coconut sugar + lucuma + turmeric + colloidal gold + vanilla
  • Tiger’s Milk $9.75 almond butter + coconut sugar + solay protein powder + banana
  • Magic Mint $9.00 coconut + banana + lucuma + maca + matcha + mint + agave + vanilla
  • Berry Creamy $9.00 coconut + berry blend + lucuma + vanilla + agave
  • C3PO $9.75 coconut water + pitaya + agave + pineapple + orange juice + papaya
  • Or… Build Your Own!

Fresh Juices

  • ​​Pearfection ​$9.00 pear + fennel + cucumber + apple + lemon
  • J​​ah Rootz $8.75 carrot + beet + apple + turmeric + ginger + parsley
  • Hawaiian Cooler $9.00 pineapple + celery + cilantro + lime
  • The OG $8.75 cucumber + apple + celery + lemon + kale
  • J​​uice Me Up! $9.00 pineapple + cucumber + noni + lime + mint
  • Rephresh $8.00 cucumber + celery + pear + lime

Ask about our​​ j​​uice cleanse packages!


​1 oz

  • Wheatgrass $3.75
  • Hot Shot! $3.75 garlic + ginger + turmeric + 7 world ​spicy​ peppers
  • Tree’s Trio ​$11.00 1oz each: wheatgrass, ginger, turmeric
  • Ginger $3.75 local, organic, juiced in-house
  • Turmeric $4.50 local, organic, juiced in-house


  • Quantum Leap! ​$8.50 coconut water + fulvic acid + blue-green algae + gold!
  • E-3 Live ​ ​$4.00 b​lue-green Klamath Lake super brain food!
  • Noni​​ ​​$4.00 Maui grown & juiced plant medicine
  • Krout Out ​$3.50 fermented probiotic shot to heal your gut

Smoothie Bowls

  • Immortality Bowl $12.75 Acai blended with apple bananas, coconut water, hemp protein powder and our herbal “immortality” blend, topped with our house-made raw gluten-free Granola, fresh fruit, coconut meringue and hemp seeds. Also available with dragonfruit base or ½ & ½.
  • Yogi Bowl $10.50 Our zen and light acai bowl, simple yet filling. Acai blended with apple bananas and coconut water, topped with our house-made raw gluten-free granola and fresh fruit.

Good Eats

  • Burrito Bowl $13.50 Mexican-style refried black beans on a big scoop of brown rice, with cashew nacho cheeze, salad greens, fresh salsa and guacamole.
  • Fusion Bowl $11.00 Your choice of one of our house-made vegan soup specials over saffron quinoa, topped with local greens and creamy herb dressing. *Mark it up! Add macadamia nuts and nutritional yeast (add ​$1.50​)

*Spark it up! Add a super ​spicy​ hot shot (add ​$1.50​)

  • ​Nachos​ ​​ ​$13.00 GMO free corn chips, house made Mexican style black beans, nacho cheeze style sauce, guacamole, salsa fresca, cashew sour cream & pickled jalapenos
  • House-Made Vegan Soups $7.00 Check out our two daily specials! ​​
  • The MK Threeway​​ ​​$14.00 Half a bagel, a cup of soup, and a side salad. Comes with your choice of cheeze and soup, and creamy herb dressing

Raw Foods

  • ​​Raw Bagel Sandwich ​$9.75 Sprouted and dehydrated savory oat and almond bagel with house-made cultured cashew cheeze. Topped with avocado, sprouts, microgreens, and capers, and sprinkled with black Hawaiian sea salt. Cheeze Choices: Pickled jalapeño Garlic & herb Sundried tomato & basil
  • ​​Pizza My Heart ​$12.00 Your choice of one of our awesome cultured cashew cheezes and one of our great house-made raw pizza sauces, served up on a crispy dehydrated veggie flatbread topped with marinated veggies, avocado, and microgreens. Served with locally grown organic greens and basil herb dressing.

Cheeze Choices:

  • Pickled jalapeño
  • Garlic & herb
  • Sundried tomato & basil

Sauce Choices:

  • Zesty marinara
  • Basil pesto

Also . . .

Check out our refrigerated case for our daily selection of raw vegan pies, salads, parfaits, chia bowls, alive wraps, cacao bars, spring rolls, vegan Garden Fresh Sushi, and much more!