Local Maui Farms: Where Our Food Comes From

Maui Kombucha strives to provide our customers with the highest in nourishment and a place of community. We are so grateful to the local people who work hard to help us make these goals a reality by providing us with the best in local ingredients and a thriving network of creative local economy. Mahalo!

  • Aina Mamoa
  • Ben Leader
  • David Elberg
  • Espresso Tech
  • Flower Alchemy
  • Hale Akua Farms
  • JK Organics
  • Maui Grown Tomatoes
  • Wicked Farms
  • Auwahi Farms
  • Maui Honey

  • Permacopia

  • Sam Rosenbaum

  • Scents of Knowing

  • Shane Santos Family Farm

  • Sustainable Island Products

  • Waihee Valley Plantation

  • 13 Moons Farm

  • Al & Joanie’s Wheatgrass Shack

Great Maui Businesses

  • Maui Kombucha
  • Mr. Sub Sandwiches
  • Kuau Store
  • Mana Foods
  • Casanova’s Makawao
  • Da Local Banana
  • Whole Foods Maui
  • Anthony’s Coffee